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What’s Charlie up to now?

Anyone who knows Charlie Redvers – the eldest of David and Laura’s three children – will know he’s a big fan of tractors and heavy machinery. Anyone who doesn’t know him will know him better after reading this article.

Charlie is now working full time at Charles and Sophie Buckley’s Culworth Grounds estate in Banbury, South Northamptonshire, and clearly loves it!

Charlie started at Culworth in June 2019 and was only supposed to be there for harvest time – he just hasn’t left!

The job sounds like a dream for our Charlie who drove the drill for spring drilling last year and has spent the winter hedge-cutting, as well as spreading fertiliser and other tasks.

Charlie says:

I have the main tractor driving role, which is great. On the estate it’s me, the Farm Manager, and one other tractor driver, as well as two other lads who help out. It’s a good team.

“I’m looking forward to driving the Heath bale chaser as it’s quite a skilled job; you have to drive it manually. All the bales will go into making the bedding at Culworth and Tweenhills, who are a customer. I’ll also be mowing all the haylage.

“I live on site at Culworth - with Pip the Patterdale - and will stay here until the end of the harvest around October.

“Then I’m thinking I will either return to Gloucestershire or go to New Zealand, though I’m doing a Crops Technician course which currently relies on me being here.”

So if you ever need any tractor-related tasks completing then Charlie Redvers is your man!

Charlie Redvers tractor
Charlie Redvers and his beloved Pip and John Deere 6250R Ultimate Edition