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Tweenhills Angus

Tweenhills boasts its own herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle that produce the farm’s own brand of beef.

Following its expansion, Tweenhills has diversified and every acre is now farmed in rotation with the resident Aberdeen Angus suckler herd numbering 200.

Tweenhills Angus Beef is produced from the grass fed herd and expertly prepared and packed by the farm’s local butcher. Among the regular clients of Tweenhills Angus Beef are Gloucester Rugby Club and a number of local restaurants.

The beef has a wonderful rich depth of flavour with a fine marbling texture that the Aberdeen Angus is renowned for.

For more information and to order contact:

“If you have any queries about the herd, including about our homebred bulls for sale, or about any of our beef products, just get in touch.”

Werner Aucamp
Farm Manager
Werner Aucamp
Angus 3

The Tweenhills herd of Aberdeen Angus is a member of the Hihealth Herdcare cattle health scheme and a signatory of the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme, ensuring traceable, safe food for consumers.

For more information and to order contact:
T: 07910 863 761