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The Farm

Located at Hartpury in Gloucestershire on prime stock rearing land, Tweenhills covers approximately 750 acres of the finest English pasture with its paddocks and surrounding farms afforded natural shelter by ancient hedgerows and magnificent oak trees.

The home to Qatar Racing stallions, as well as the majority of the operation’s band of broodmares and young stock, Tweenhills has established a reputation as an outstanding stallion station and farm.

“Following substantial investment in the facilities, the expansion of the farm and the building of a first-class team, we offer a service equal to any of the best farms in the world.”

David Redvers,
Owner and Manager
David Redvers Team
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Growing the farm

Over the years, following its conversion to a public stud in 1995, Tweenhills has steadily expanded with the addition of five neighbouring farms. The first acquisition was Corsend Farm, which is now home to the foaling unit, another, Chargy Hill, is predominantly a yearling farm and Catsbury is home to the isolation unit.

In order to maintain the quality of the pasture at Tweenhills, every acre is farmed in rotation with the resident Aberdeen Angus suckler herd and during the winter months the paddocks are grazed extensively by sheep. The farm grows its own oats and barley, as well as the vast majority of its hay and haylage.

There has also been investment in several outdoor all-weather paddocks, new winter barns, offices and reception area. Most recently installed are a threefurlong all-weather trotting ring for foal, yearling and stallion exercise and a canter for pre-training.