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Where Are They Now?

We talk to former Tweenhills employee Ben Shoare about what he has been up to since, including news of an exciting new industry venture he is setting up with a friend…

Hi Ben! Can you tell our readers when you worked at Tweenhills, for how long and what was your role?

From July 2020 to the to the end of that year. It was my first ever stud hand job.

Where have you been working since and what have you been doing?

Since then, I’ve spent 2 years in Ireland at the Irish National Stud and a 6 month stint at Newgate Farm in Australia. More recently I’ve moved back to England and setup Lotus Bloodstock with a friend of mine, Olly Batchelor. We are hoping to get a breeding and consignment business going!

What lessons did you learn at Tweenhills and how did they help with your career?

As previously mentioned Tweenhills was where it all started for me in this game! I learnt something new every day in my 6 months there. The foundation gained at Tweenhills allowed me to kick on in Ireland and turn an initial introduction into the industry into a deeper understanding and passion.

Any funny memories from Tweenhills?

As I’d never touched a horse when I arrived at Tweenhills I tended to be the butt of most jokes! You’ll have to ask Ivo (Assistant Manager) what was the funniest!

Which were your favourite horses at Tweenhills?

I always loved Lightning Spear but didn’t work with him much. There was a Dark Angel x La Rioja yearling filly who went on to be named Criollo and won twice for Qatar Racing in 2022. I see she is in the upcoming Tattersalls December Mare Sale. I imagine she’ll be out of range for me, but I’ll certainly be there when she goes through the ring!

What did you miss most about home when at Tweenhills?

Sunday roast. I’m a terrible cook!

Do you still have contact with anyone from Tweenhills?

Yes, a bunch of the crew! You always bump into each other at the sales and even around the world!

Have you been back to Tweenhills in recent years?

Sadly not as I’ve barely been in the country, but I am hoping to get over there in the new year. Kameko had just arrived when I left so I would love to see him now and compare before his first 2yos hit the track.

And finally, would you recommend working at Tweenhills and why?

Absolutely. It was a great introduction and there is always a great team. I’m very grateful to David for giving me the opportunity and to Pieter, Ivo and Scott for being so patient in the early days!

Ben Shoare
Ben with a young Criollo