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Getting To Know You - Ivo Thomas

Ivo, so you're Assistant Stud Manager here at Tweenhills, but who is the man behind the title? Right, here we go, 10 quick-fire questions, fingers on the buzzer...

Where’s the most unusual place you’ve been?

In the middle of the Okavango Delta with horses tied to trees and me to protect them from the wildlife. I don’t know who was more nervous, me or the horses!

And the most unusual thing you’ve eaten?

Again in the Delta, I was served some meats that still to this day I don’t know what they were. But the locals did used to make a mean kudu stew.

What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?

The best would have been my flights to Australia. And being a tight Yorkshireman I would hardly spend money if I didn’t need to, so can’t think of a bad one!

Which song have you got on repeat?

Mumford and Sons - Beloved.

What program do you turn off if it’s on?

Doctors because it means it's time to go back to work.

How does your ideal day off look?

Well after getting within 7 shots of the yard's best golfers on my first ever round I may have to start of with a quick round of golf! Then I would like a nice pub lunch somewhere followed by an afternoon kip.

If magic was real, what would you do first?

Look into the future and find a nice ante-post bet to set me up for life.

What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?

Ben telling me Liverpool will win the league...or anything for that matter!

What would a world populated by clones of you be like?


Finally, give us a 2-year-old to follow…

The colt by Dark Angel out of Brown Eyed Honey. He was the nicest yearling I saw last year and is in training with David Simcock.

Ivo ice cream
Ice-cool Ivo (photo: Sarah Farnsworth)
Ivo Running
Making the running...
Ivo leading
...and still leading