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What's Werner's Beef?

Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while since my last update but things have been busy!

It’s been a good year for making hay, haylage and silage. We made around 2,000 bales so we wouldn’t need to buy any this year.

We grow our own oats for the horses which we combined in August and had a good yield.

As most farmers know it has been a difficult autumn for planting with all the rain. Luckily, we got our oats in, but we will have to drill our grass seeds this spring, so fingers crossed for good weather.

Calves were weaned in November with an average weight of 338kg (1.25kg Daily Live Weight Gain or ‘DLWG’) of grass. We do not creep feed our cattle, so we are very happy with these figures. The cows have done a great job with their calves. The average weight of our cows is 736kg and we used 10 replacement heifers at around 20 months old (average 525kg).

In December we did Pregnancy Diagnosis (PD) and 95% of the cows were in calf.

All vaccinations have been done and we are now getting ready for calving to start in mid-February. With regular condition scoring we can ensure cows are in the desired condition at calving.

We would also like to thank all our customers who bought bulls from us over the past year. Our 2019-born bulls are now available, so please get in touch for more details or to arrange a viewing.

Werner Aucamp
Werner Aucamp