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What's Werner's Beef?

Hi everyone,

As you can imagine it's a very busy - and potentially stressful - time so I hope you appreciate we've had a few other things going on since my last update a few months ago!

All the fields have now been aerated, fertilized and sprayed, ready for the season.

All the fencing has now been put back up and the horses have been turned out, with the cows soon to follow.

We will be TB testing our cattle over the next two weeks and hoping for another clear test.

Calving has been going well with no assisted calvings. The calves are looking great but we can’t wait to see them turned out.

When that happens, the cows’ milk production will go up and our calves' DLWG (Daily Live Weight Gain) will increase.

We only have 10 cows left to calve (out of 72) so the end is in sight!

Werner Aucamp
Werner Aucamp