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What's Werner's Beef?

Hi everyone,

Sorry it's been a while since my last update but as you can imagine it's been a trying year.

All the cattle came in at the beginning of November for TB testing and had to stay in for the winter.

By mid-November all the calves had been weaned, weighed, clipped and vaccinated. The average weaning weight was 338kg.

At the same time, cows were weighed, and condition scoring was done. Condition scoring will be ongoing which ensures cows are in ideal condition for calving.

Cows were scanned at the end of November and it was another good result with 92% of cows in calf.

We are now getting ready for calving in February and getting bulls ready to be sold. We have five yearling and two two-year-old bulls for sale.

We are TB testing at the beginning of February and fingers crossed they are all negative.

Werner Aucamp