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What's Werner's Beef?

Hi everyone,

It's been a few months since my first update, which was just before we started calving in February. We are now nearing the end, with only a few cows left to calf - uiteindelik!

It has been a very successful calving year with the weather allowing us to get most calves out as they were born, and with an average birth weight of 38kg all calves have been born without assistance.

All fields were aerated a bit earlier than normal because of drier weather and Charlie Redvers putting in the hours on his beloved tractor.

Each field has also been treated with the fertilizer according to the soil samples taken. Grass growth has generally been slower with the temperatures being too cold. However, with grass temperatures up the last few weeks there is now loads of grass, which is ideal for good calf growth rates.

The bulls will be going to the cows on May 15 so the cycle starts again.

In other news, I see I’ve been given some stick on the Tweenhills golf group update on StudLife – that was just a one-off and I will be back!

Geniet die Somer!


Werner Aucamp
Werner Aucamp