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Roaring Lion was popular at the vets!

09 Aug 2019

Roaring Lion back at Cambridge Stud

We are pleased to report that Roaring Lion continues to make progress following his second colic surgery and has been allowed to return to Cambridge Stud.

Roaring Lion had been admitted to Cambridge Equine Hospital within minutes of arriving at Cambridge Stud from quarantine on Saturday 27th July after staff - including his groom from Tweenhills, Reece Sutcliffe - noticed signs of discomfort.

Within hours he had undergone surgery which had to be repeated on Thursday 1st August to repair adhesions which had formed in his small intestine.

Cambridge Stud CEO Henry Plumptre said today: “Thanks to two world-class surgeons, Dr Alanna Zantingh and Dr Greg Quinn from Waikato Equine and with our own vet Dr Rob Hitchcock assisting, we have managed to save his life and he is on his way to a slow recovery.

"It has been a complex and challenging environment for everyone involved and we owe a massive debt of gratitude to the veterinary team and the Cambridge Stud staff, led by Marcus Corban, who have ensured his survival.

"While Roaring Lion has a long road to travel, the beginnings of a recovery are complete and having him back at Cambridge signals the start of the next stage."

With David Redvers and Reece having seen the care the horse has received at first hand, we completely concur that he has been given the best treatment available.

After two surgeries and resulting weight loss, there's no denying Roaring Lion's condition is fragile. However, he is clinically in good shape - bright, alert and eating well. His recovery is being monitored 24 hours a day and he has done well since his return to Cambridge.

Plumptre added: “We have found this week what Sheikh Fahad and David Redvers experienced with Roaring Lion last year on the racecourse - extraordinary courage, a will to win and an amazing constitution.

"His demeanour remained calm at all times which was a major part of his immediate recovery. Our aim now is to slowly repair him back to full health, in order that he can return to the UK and continue his career.”

We thank our friends at Cambridge Stud who have afforded Roaring Lion the highest standard of care, and it's touching to see how loved he is by all at Cambridge Stud and the Cambridge Equine Hospital. We will keep you updated on his condition.

RL Cambridge vets

Roaring Lion was popular at the vets!